Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Through the senses.

Touches against walls
In the chamber of salaciousness
Send occult sparks soaring
Through the senses.

Saccharine gasps congest the air
Underneath aphrodisiac sheets,
Metamorphosing into beastly cries
Shedding tingles down enervated chines.

Eyes blister from incalescent breaths
Escaping moist lips; Surging
Through damp skin, amplifying the humidity
And dew gently wetting the sheets.

A hidden tear falls
Across breast, tickling
Amongst saliva and sweat,
Like a lost child blending in
Amidst strangers;
Its purpose lost, forgotten
If it were for joy,
Sadness, pain, or

The cast away tear vanished
From all solicitude
During the supreme,
Ecstatic climax
Shared completely
As both dripping parties

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