Sunday, April 26, 2009


i hesitated before knocking at the heavy oak door to his office. smoothing my plaid skirt and unbuttoning another button on the hated white blouse, i tossed my hair and knocked.
“enter,” came the peremptory voice of my professor.
i opened the door and slid into the office, eyes down, hair covering my face. did i look demure enough? i raised my eyes as i closed the door, and caught my breath. his long hair brushed the shoulders of his tweed sports coat, his tie hanging loosely around the unbuttoned top two buttons of his crisp white shirt. but my eyes went immediately to the black leather belt hanging low on his slim hips. his tall, lanky frame leaned casually against his desk, but he swallowed as he pushed his glasses up onto his nose. his eyes traveled up and down my body, as i stood silent in front of the closed door.
“well, miss, what can i help you with?”
“professor, it’s this paper. i suppose i wasn’t paying attention when you told us, but when was it due again?”
“it is due friday, as you should have written in your notes. i am disappointed in your lack of concentration, miss.”
“i’m sorry, sir, really i am. i try to pay attention but i get distracted so easily …”
“and what exactly is it that distracts you?”
“i pay attention when you’re lecturing, sir. it’s only the little details that seem to escape me.”
“i think a lesson in attention span might do you some good, young lady.”
i glanced again at the leather belt, “if you think so, sir.”
he gestured me to come closer. i could not resist him.
“if you would be so kind as to divest me of my belt, miss?”
my hands shook slightly as i unbuckled the belt. i slid it slowly from the waistband of his trousers, and handed it to him. it was heavy and thick, smelling slightly gamey.
“thank you.” he cleared his desk of papers and books, slowly and methodically, taking his time as he made stacks on the filing cabinet and bookshelf behind him. “now i need you to bend over the desk, miss. it is time for disciplinary action.”
i obediently bent over the desk, my cheek resting on the smooth wood, my buttocks raised to him, my feet placed firmly on the floor.
he raised my plaid skirt, revealing my white cotton panties. he cleared his throat. “i’ll have to divest you of this undergarment to fully demonstrate your punishment, if you don’t mind.”
“of course, professor.” i raised up higher to allow him to pull down my panties, and wriggled a little, helpfully. as they fell to the floor, i stepped out of them and nudged them to the side. i settled back down to my position across the desk.
“that’s much better,” he lifted his hand and brought it down hard on my bottom with a loud *smack*. i whimpered a little, but made no other sound or movement.
with each successive smack, i became more aroused, and less able to stay still. tiny moans escaped, despite my attempts to stay silent and submissive.
finally he reached for the leather belt. i groaned in anticipation.
he slapped the leather lightly on my reddened buttocks. i shivered.
he drew back and slapped me harder, and my back arched with the impact. i shuddered with the delicious pain. over and over again, he brought the belt down hard across my buttocks. i felt swollen. i moaned and shivered, loving the sensations, wanting more, craving release. i writhed on the desk, unable to be still.
“miss, you will have to be still, if i am to do this properly.”
i apologized breathlessly, writhing still more. i knew what came next.
“i shall have to restrain you if you cannot stop moving so much” he came around the front of the desk and lifted my head, stroking my hair away from my face. he removed my necktie from my neck, where it had been loosely tied.
“yes sir”
he removed his own necktie as he returned to his station behind me, and spread my legs further apart. he tied each of my ankles to a desk leg with the neckties.
he spread my buttocks further apart and took the belt up again. he slid his hand under me, placing the belt under me so that he could slide it out and between my buttocks. i moaned at the sensation of hard supple leather sliding across my vulva. i wriggled a little, wanting more. i raised myself higher, pushing my hips against the wooden desk.
while i was raised so, he grasped my bottom and slid the belt across my pussy again.
suddenly he let me go, and i heard the sound of his zipper, and the rustle of fabric. he lifted me again, and ground his hips against me. i felt his hard cock against my bottom, and wiggled closer to him, wanting him inside me.
i heard a small squish, and he smoothed greased fingers across and inside my ass. i writhed in anticipation, again. it seemed an eternity before i felt the pressure of his cock against my ass. i relaxed, allowing him to thrust into me slowly. i gasped as the heat and length of him slid into my tightness. he began to gently move in and out, filling me and drawing almost out, and sliding in and out. i moved against him slowly, letting him lead the way, as he held me captive on his hard rod. my breath came in quick gasps and slow moans.
i cried out for release, and he slowly pulled out of me. i sobbed from the bereft feeling of emptiness. he untied my ankles, and caressed my bottom. i was limp and submissive as he turned me over. the hard desk under my swollen ass was exquisite torture.
he spread my legs again, and once again tied my ankles to the desk.
drawing me closer to the edge of the desk, he pressed against my wet pussy, teasing me with his cock, brushing against me but not entering.
i moaned, wrapping my arms around him, trying to pull him too me.
he frowned. leaving me on the desk, he went to the coat rack and removed a long scarf.
returning to me, he gently pushed me down onto the desk, and raised my arms over my head. he tied my wrists together with the scarf, and then tied the scarf to the handle of a locked file drawer. i wiggled and resisted, but only a token. i craved the submission he forced on me.
he ran his hands over my body, stretched out on the desk, as he walked slowly around to the foot again, where he teased my pussy with his fingers.
i could see very little, even if i strained, restrained as i was.
it was a delicious shock when he suddenly thrust into me, almost tearing me with the force, and i clenched around him, pulling him in deeper.
he began to move then, and i writhed and moved with him. he slid in and out of my slickness, and drove into me harder, then gently moving in me. i groaned in pleasure, arching my back.
we had not heard the headmaster enter the room. he stood by the door, watching us.
“it seems you have begun disciplining this young lady without going through the proper channels.”
the professor stayed perfectly still inside me for a moment. then he answered the headmaster, apologizing for being so remiss.
the headmaster approached him, “it seems you also need a little discipline, professor.”
i heard another rasp of a zipper and more rustles of fabric. then i heard another squish.
the professor bent over me, and thrust deeper into me as the headmaster thrust into him.
i thought it had not been possible for him to thrust harder and deeper into me, but the added pressure of the headmaster behind him created more force, and if anything, made him harder and bigger.
the three of us created a new rhythm as they rocked in and out, and back and forth.
i was completely trapped under their bodies, reveling in the weight of them, as thrust added to thrust.
i writhed in ecstasy as the pressure in them built in me.
there was no talking. only primitive grunts and groans and gasps.
their thrusts shook me, making my breasts bounce as they rocked me and each other.
i climbed higher and higher, crashing down, clenching on the hard cock inside me, heat pouring through me in waves.
the pressure continued to build as i came again and again, crying out for the final release, as pain and pleasure culminated in cresting waves of madness.
the headmaster gave a muffled shout as he shot his load into the professor, and the professor moaned and shuddered with the force of the headmaster’s and his own orgasm.
he exploded into me as i crested the final peak of my climax, and we all crashed and collapsed together, shuddering, shaking, barely gasping for breath.
the headmaster was the first to recover, as he drew out of the professor with a small moan. he reached down to untie my legs, and i raised them to wrap around the professor’s waist as he started to draw out of me. i held him close inside me for a moment, flaccid and warm, i released him, and he slid out of me.
the headmaster untied my arms, and roughly asked if we had learned our lesson.
i stayed silent, unable to speak, while the professor answered, “until the next time, sir, i am sure we will make every attempt to improve ourselves.”

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