Sunday, April 26, 2009

Drunken stumbling,
giggling helplessly,
lifting you to my hips.
Oh, I wish I
were better equipped.

Kissing, touching,
caressing, pulling--
Clothes are meaningless,
and your breasts are beautiful.

I want you so badly,
as we team up against you,
prowling like cats,
hungry like lions.

We sober up, calm down,
we talk for hours, and I find you
in my arms, at the end of it all
beautiful and naked, in the moonlight.
it's hard to tell where one of us begins,
and where one of us ends

One on each side, we caress you
two against one, we undressed you
we make you writhe and shudder,
mewling pleasure, softly crying out
as they roll through you one by one.

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