Sunday, April 26, 2009

a little surprise

“We’re on then?”
“Good. This is gonna be one hell of a surprise for her.”
“Sure thing, man.”
“Alright, see you later.”
“See ya.”
Zach closed his cell phone and absently adjusted his erection, straining against his jeans. He still wasn’t sure why he had agreed to it, but damn, this was going to be a night to remember. It was odd, he thought. When Tyler first started talking about this, Zach thought he was just bullshitting. Tyler would never actually do it. He’d be WAY too jealous. But then Tyler had called and asked Zach if he wanted to join him and his girl, Ivy, for a little get together. And by “get together”, Tyler had meant to fuck Ivy’s brains out. Both of them.
Holy shit.
How the fuck did a guy prepare for something like this? He thought as walked to the bathroom. Turning on the water first, Zach then proceeded to strip off his clothes. Stepping under the hot spray of water, his head fell back to wet down his longish brown hair. As he started washing it, the suds ran down a body that was toned but pleasantly proportioned. His cock was still hard at the thought of the evening to come, and rose out of the trimmed nest of dark, curly hair around it. Using the suds from the shampoo, Zach cupped himself and slowly began stroking, up and down, feeling the nerves shooting up his spine and down his legs simultaneously. He wouldn’t do anything too serious. No, he’d save his best for Ivy.
He’d always envied Tyler for his choice in companion. Ivy, with her long legs, dusky skin, and black curling hair that always reminded Zach of gypsies. Her eyes were deep green, and he could easily see her dancing around a fire with a tambourine, her generous hips swaying to the beat as the fire lit up her silhouette, showing the curves beneath the thin fabric of her skirt. Full lips that were made to slide down a man’s cock as her searching eyes gazed up at his.
Feeling himself getting a little too worked up, Zach shuddered and stopped. Grinning, he realized just how much he was looking forward to tonight. He finished showering, stepped out to dry himself off, and then, swinging the towel over his shoulder, walked naked to his room to get ready for the night.
He pulled up to the house around seven, as planned and looked in the rearview mirror once just to make sure he hasn’t missed anything. He opened the door and felt his nerves raring up. As he got out, he reached down yet again to adjust his hard on. He shut the car door and locked it, walking up to the front door, feeling the material of his pants brush against his cock with every step.
“Jesus, you’re not even in the house. Hold it together, man,” he thought to himself.
Adjusting himself again, he approached the front door and knocked softly. About two seconds later, the door opened to reveal Tyler grinning, and motioning for Zach to be quiet and come in. Zach toed off his shoes and followed Tyler to the living room, where he saw Ivy kneeling on the floor in a loose flowing skirt and tight black tank-top. He then noticed that she had a black silk scarf tied around her eyes. Zach gave Tyler a quizzical look, and Tyler just continued to grin, and waved Zach forward.
“Alright babe. Time for your surprise,” Tyler said, making sure he was standing right next to Zach. Tyler motioned for Zach to move forward and mouthed the word “sit behind her and start touching”. Zach did as Tyler said, kneeling down, Tyler kneeling with him, to keep his voice close to where Zach was.
Zach was irritated to feel his hands shaking slightly as he reached forward and ran his hands up Ivy’s back, over her shoulders and around to cup her breasts, kneading them softly.
“Mmmm. Tyler that feels good.”
“Does it baby? Tell me what you want me to do.”
“You know what I like”
“I know, but tell me anyways.”
Ivy tilted her head to the side, raising one arm up to brush the hair away from her neck, offering it up to Zach, as Tyler motioned for him to use his mouth. Zach moved in closer and began kissing, and then nibbling her sensitive skin, tasting the slight saltiness of her. His breath left him as he closed his eyes, and ran his tongue up the curve of her ear, his right hand moving down her slightly curved stomach to rub her through her skirt. She parted her legs a little more to accommodate him, and moaned softly.
“Do you like this, baby?” Tyler asked.
“You know I do. But . . .” She paused.
“But what, babe?”
“You feel . . . different.”
“How do I feel different?”
She was quiet for a moment, and Zach smirked, knowing she’d just figured out that the mouth on her skin had never left her skin as Tyler spoke to her. He bit her neck just enough to rise a small gasp out of her, her body tensing as she moaned “Oh my god.”
“What’s wrong?” Tyler asked with a grin in his voice.
“It’s not you.”
“Holy shit, Tyler!”
“Is that ok with you, Ivy?”
“You know it is!”
Zach started nibbling on her ear lobe as both hands ran down her legs to the edge of her skirt, slowly bunching it up to her waist, his fingers skimming along the skin of her inner thighs, feeling the heat of her hot pussy as he got nearer and nearer.
“Oh my god, Tyler, can I take this off yet?” She asked, her voice quivering.
“Not yet, luv.”
Tyler moved to kneel in front of her, cupping her face, and began laying gentle kisses over her face, her cheeks, along her jaw, her brows, and finally those full lips. She moaned and opened her mouth to him, and his tongue swept inside hers, as Zach’s finger found her clit and began to run the pad of his middle finger over it again and again, as his mouth ran over her shoulders and neck, nipping, biting, sucking and licking her skin. His other hand moved to her shoulders, gently pushing her forward. Taking that cue, Tyler cupped Ivy’s neck and pulled her down to him, as he lay down on the floor, and began fingering her clit as Zach quickly discarded his shirt, socks and jeans.
Zach began stroking himself again, just taking in the view for the moment of Ivy’s bare ass up in the air, skirt bunched around her waist as Tyler’s finger disappeared into her wet pussy, the two of them kissing as if their lives depended on it. Zach moved forward on his knees, still stroking his cock, and met Tyler’s eyes over her head. Tyler nodded and removed his hand, pulling her skirt up, then grabbing the hem of her tank top and pulling it up and off of her, as Zach guided his cock to Ivy’s entrance and thrust deep inside of her. Her back arched and the silk blindfold got caught on her tank top as both were pulled off of her. Zach pulled back until he was almost out of her, and just as her head turned to see who it was, he slammed his dick home again, causing her eyes to close and a whimper to escape her.
Zach didn’t think he’d ever seen something more arousing than her back arched, her ass up to him like a cat in heat, as she whimpered for more, her fingernails digging into the carpet. Tyler motioned to Zach again, and Zach leaned forward, running his hands up her sides and to the front to cup her breasts, bringing her up so Tyler could move out from under her. Still inside her, her back to his chest, Zach moved his hip in small circles, feeling ever inch of her tight, wet pussy clenching around him, as he held back a moan of his own, one hand fisting in Ivy’s silky hair, pulling her head to the side to bite at her neck again.
Tyler stood and quickly rid himself of his clothing, and began stroking his own cock as he watched his best friend fucking his girlfriend. He stepped forward, and nudged his cock against Ivy’s mouth. Her eyes opened, looking up at him and she smiled. Returning the smile, he slid his cock into her mouth, as she gladly took it all, her hands coming up to encircle the hard silk of him, one hand sliding to cup his balls, slightly pulling at them as she knew he loved. Tyler let his head fall back as her tongue ran circles around his cock, feeling her saliva coat it as her hands worked their respective areas, making his knees a bit weak.
Zach motioned for Tyler to kneel, and, reluctant to leave Ivy’s mouth for a second, he did. Ivy took a moment, and pulled herself off of Zach’s cock, and turned her body to see him.
“I should have known it was you.” She said.
“Why’s that?” Tyler asked.
“You’re the only one he’d trust. Plus he knows that you’re the only one of his friends I’d be comfortable doing this with.”
“Glad to be of service, “ he grinned.
Ivy moved to her knees, pushing her skirt down to pull it completely off. She sat back on her heels and looked at the two men on either side of her, smiling.
“Both of you stand.”
Looking at each other, Tyler and Zach did as she said, and, putting one hand on each of their cocks, she guided them closer together, so that they were almost side by side in front of her. Smiling up at the two of them, she brought the heads of their cocks together and licked both at the same time. Both guys let out the breath they’d been holding, as she slowly turned her head to the left and began to suck on Zach’s cock while stroking Tyler’s at the same time. She switched every minute or so, licking and sucking their cocks. Zach had never thought to see his friend this close up but with his cock next to Tyler’s and Ivy naked, kneeling at their feet, it was so incredibly erotic, he grew impossibly harder.
Zach watched as she licked Tyler’s cock from base to tip, then moving her mouth down to suckle all of him deep in her throat, and he heard Tyler’s groan, his hand fisting in her hair as he guided her. Zach was envious to see that Tyler had a girl who knew exactly what he liked, the two of them so in tune with each other. Ivy hadn’t forgotten completely about Zach though, as she continued to fist his cock as well, and Zach’s balls grew tighter.
Ivy pulled back, and Tyler looked down at her with one of the most pathetic faces Zach had ever seen that he had to laugh. Ivy quirked an eyebrow at Zach, as if to say “Who said I was done with you?” She pulled away from them both, and grabbed Zach’s hand.
“Down,” she ordered.
“How do you want me?” Zach asked.
“On your back, arms above you. And Tyler, you’re behind me.” Ivy straddled Zach, and leaned to kiss Zach deeply, and whisper in his ear, “You’re bigger than I imagined. That’s why you get to be in front.” She licked a line along his jaw, and Zach felt himself shudder, as she reached down between them, and guided his cock into her tight pussy. He felt her encase him, inch by slow inch, and his eyes closed, head arching back against the floor as he felt every soft bump and ridge within her stroke the nerves in the head of his cock as they passed by. She rocked backwards, sitting fully to the hilt. He watched as she ran her hands up her stomach to cup her own breasts, then run them up into her hair, as her hips gyrated in a circular motion, and his cock felt as if it were sheathed in a burning hot, moist, velvet glove that gripped him tightly as it worked him over.
He had barely noticed that Tyler had moved behind her, straddling Zach’s legs as well, Tyler’s hands moving to cup Ivy’s full tits, kneading them a bit harshly, his cock now covered with a condom. He whispered something into Ivy’s ear that made her giggle, and Zach clenched his jaw as he felt her muscles contracting around him as she laughed.
“Fuck dude, whatever you’re going to do, do it quick. She’s so fucking hot and tight,” Zach moaned.
“Don’t I know it,” Tyler laughed.
“God, she’s like a god damn wet oven.”
“I’m still right here, guy.” Ivy said, as she moved up Zach’s cock and then slammed down hard again to prove her point.
“Trust me, I haven’t forgotten.”
“You ready back there, sexy?” Ivy asked, looking over her shoulder.
Tyler, who was spreading lube on his cock, grinned, and nodded once. She smiled and leaned forward to kiss Zach again, moving her hips gently back and forth over his cock, her fingers threading through his hair.
Zach felt her tense a bit when, he presumed, Tyler had begun to enter her ass. Zach brought his hands down to cradle her face and began thrusting his hips gently, and kissing her deeply to distract her from this first part. Tyler’s hands gripped Ivy’s hips as he slowly moved past the first tight barriers, clenching his teeth as her tight asshole allowed him entry.
“FFFffuuuuuccckkkk,” he groaned.
Zach laughed against Ivy’s lips, and felt Tyler’s cock slide the rest of the way in, feeling his hardness rub up against Tyler’s through what he assumed was a very thin stretch of skin. God this felt fucking amazing. Ivy shuddered as she felt both men completely within her.
“Ok, now work together boys.” She said breathlessly.
Following her orders, Zach began to thrust in time with Tyler in and out of her, leaving her empty or completely filled, as she was caught between the two of them. Zach felt her hot sheath contracting at the same time he felt his cock rubbing up against Tyler’s, and though he was embarrassed to even think it, he wasn’t sure which one turned him on more.
Ivy leaned backwards, shifting the two cocks with her, as her arms moved up and back to circle Tyler’s neck, the two of them now moving in opposition of each other; as Tyler moved in, Zach moved out and vice versa. Zach moved his hands to her pussy, and began to furiously rub her clit, desperate to get her off before he humiliated himself and came too early like some un-trained school boy. He knew she was getting close as the muscles of her ass and pussy began to contract and loosen spasmodically, her moaning growing louder, her gyrations becoming more urgent and intense.
Zach felt his balls drawing even tighter up to his body, his breath coming in heaves now as Ivy worked his cock. Using all his will power he held off, knowing she was close, and began thrusting even harder into her hot pussy. Tyler, sensing the same thing, began thrusting along with Zach, and chose that moment to do the one thing he knew she couldn’t resist.
As they both fucked her as hard as they could, Tyler fisted his hand in her hair, tilting her head to the side and bit down hard on her shoulder. The lines between pain and pleasure blurred as she screamed out,
Her hips seemed out of control, the muscles of her entire body breaking into spasms, her cries no longer words but mere animalistic sounds. Tyler grabbed her tit and squeezed hard, and felt himself begin to let off. Zach rubbed harder at her clit, and then grabbed her hips, his fingers digging into her skin as his cock tightened up and then shot his load into her contracting cunt.
All three were caught up in orgasm after orgasm, as she felt Tyler cum, she came again, which, in turn, made Zach cry out and cum even more. It was a delicious cycle that seemed to go on forever. All three moving, panting, moaning and screaming out their passion.
“Oh god! Stop!! Stop! Enough! No more!” Ivy cried out.
If he were capable of words, Zach would have agreed with her. They all slowed their movements, and Ivy collapsed forward, Tyler falling onto her as well, as she was caught between their two sweat-covered bodies, hearts racing.
After a few minutes, as their breathing began to quiet, Tyler slowly slipped out of Ivy’s ass, and she gave a small cry, her pussy clenching Zach’s cock again, causing him, in turn, to cry out.
“Dude, fucking warn me when you’re gonna do that!”
“Sorry. My bad,” Tyler groaned as he fell onto his back on the floor.
“I should probably move at some point, right?” Ivy asked.
“That depends. Would you like me to survive to see the dawn?” Zach asked.
Ivy laughed again, once again, her muscles tightening, as Zach groaned,
“Aw fuck me.”
“Heh, wwaaayyy ahead of you.” Ivy said, as she pushed her body off of Zach’s.
“Jesus Christ, that was amazing.” Tyler said from somewhere off to the side.
Zach heard Ivy giggle again, moving somewhere, presumably towards Tyler, as she kissed him and whispered “Thank you”. Zach’s vision was still a little blurry, so he absently murmured and agreement and tried to figure out if he’d ever have full use of his limbs again.

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