Sunday, April 26, 2009

fun fantasy

Requires some role play. Make arrangements to meet your partner in a public venue. Hotel lounges are great for this. She (or he, we'll use she for this example) pretends to be a high class hooker under the disguise of an escort company for high rollers. The "hooker" already has a room setup. Your first meeting is to finalize the terms and payment. (use a fake check or money). Use some kind of predetermined code that tells her you're interested in paying for sex. Work out the details/scenario. Here is the fun part- She can't say no to the scenario..but can raise the price. Set a time limit. (e.g. 2 hours at $1,000/hr. Also use some sort of timer) She agrees, then has to leave to secure the payment etc. She agrees to meet you back in the lounge in 20 minutes or however long she needs to prep herself or the room. When she arrives she gives you a second room key, a room number and tells you to go up and she'll arrive shortly. When she arrives she starts the timer...let the games begin. No matter what you are doing when the time limit is up, you must stop. She gets dressed, leaves you with a token like her panties, a garter, a mint, or some kind of spicy gift and leaves.
(I recommend at this point you plan to meet somewhere for dinner or movie and then head back to the hotel room later, or this will be a very expensive lay!)

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