Friday, April 10, 2009

Save Me

Your name is there on my tongue and your voice inseminates images in my mind
similes of scenes flash thru my head, acts of pain and pleasure you designed

I've searched for comprehension of my sulking discontent with conventionality
wondered at my ambition to achieve the liberty that appalls my personality

I could not see that my freedom was my despair
True liberation was within the confines of a lair

My denials perpertrating suicide on my own exultation
THEN a master exposed my need for incarceration

Save me from my independence! this defiance is a fake
dominate me and take away the ache

The pain you lovingly inflict on my flesh is liberation
It releases me from self-deprecation

I desperately need you to make me your slave
my contentment depends on you, make me behave

I will gladly perform all your wicked dreams
I'll pretend to defiantly resist you in scenes

If only you will master me
I will give you the key.


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