Friday, April 10, 2009

kittys fantasy - the bar

going to the bar was an act of defiance, meant to push his buttons. when master came in to find me i was playing pool in my mini skirt and high heels bending over the table and teasing my opponents with a glimpse of lace boy cut panties. Although i pretended i was oblivious to my peep show, it was completely intentional and turned me on to push their levels of excitement.
When master arrived my heart jumped in my chest from the excitement of knowing i was caught and the game would begin.
He pretended he was angry that i was flirting and he grabbed me by the arm and led me to the car roughly. Calling me a little slut in front of everyone and causing a scene. The embarrassment turned me on even more.
We arrived at the car parked in a dark alleyway. He grabbed my hair and pulled my head back, and whispered in my ear, "you wanna be a slut, then you slut for me". He reached under my skirt and roughly pulled my panties down to my thighs and fingered my wet pussy roughly. I orgasmed almost immediately.

He opened the door and sat me on the seat as he unbuckled his pants and took out his rock hard cock. My excitement felt like electricity around me and the world faded into the background of my senses. He grabbed my hair and ran his cock across my lips bruising them slightly, i opened my mouth and he roughly shoved his cock to my throat gagging me. The punishment made me squirt and I could feel the wetness and knew my skirt would have a spot, one more humiliation that added to the excitement.

After punishing my throat with his cock and making me gag several times he got in the car and I started to pull my panties up then he said to me "take them off and show me your bad pussy". Obediently I pulled them off and pulled up my skirt. He spanked my pussy hard and each smack against my clit was like a rush through my body and I felt high with each one. He again started roughly fingering me until I came again and he watched my face amused by my vulnerability to his 'fondling'. Then he told me, "your gonna rub that hot pussy all the way home" and he placed my hand on my pussy and watched as I masturabated. As he drove us home at every stop light he would push three and four large fingers inside of me. When we arrived home I was weak with the orgasms which I had lost count of after 5 or 6. In the driveway he pulled out his cock and I eagerly sucked him in the car. I was unaware of anything other than his scent, his manhood, and I wanted him there with me in that realm of a sexual high. I felt completed when he came in my mouth and I could hear his gasp and feel him trembling. In that moment I felt complete and at peace. Nothing existed except for Master and Slave ..... THAT moment is my addiction.

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  1. Wow, that was an incredible story. Really hot!